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Hi Patty and the awesome crew.
Are you doing anything public or like a meet and greet in the near future.  We would love to join in. Yes we are from Canaderd. Just curious. we have really enjoyed your entertainment and youtube vids for years….it would be cool

One of Patty Mayo's go-to less lethal options...

Byrna Mission 4 Bundle CO2 Powered Shoulder Fired LauncherBehold, the Byrna Mission 4 Bundle CO2 Powered Shoulder Fired Launcher with Rifle Bag – Ultimate Tool for Non Lethal, Self, Home, Personal, Defense, Training, and Fun. Comes in .68 Caliber.

Don't forget the ammo!

One of our favorites that goes well with the Byrna Mission 4 Launcher is the Byrna Eco-Kinetic Projectiles for Training & Recreational Projectile Rounds For Byrna Launchers With Visual Impact Technology. They’re Water Soluble, Eco Friendly, Easy To Clean, 0.68 Caliber.

Byrna Eco-Kinetic Projectiles (95 Count)


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Deputizing A Real Bounty Hunter Like Patty Mayo

Hiring a contractor like Patty Mayo for official Sheriff’s Office business offers numerous benefits, such as flexibility, specialized expertise, increased efficiency, and scalability. It is important to remember that appropriate training, adherence to local laws, and ethical conduct are equally important for bounty hunters as they work towards their mission of apprehending fugitives and ensuring justice is served.

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Is Patty Mayo a real Sheriff?

A recent article published on Byliner asks the question, Who Is Patty Mayo and Is He A Real Bounty Hunter? Part of the article states that, "Patty Mayo is an American model, entrepreneur, and social media personality best known for his bounty-hunting videos" and also...

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Patty Mayo and the Oregon Sheriff’s Offices

Our office came across an interesting page this week saying that "We are aware of the YouTuber Patty Mayo and his activities in Deschutes County. Mr. Mayo is not a member of law enforcement, nor affiliated in any way with any sheriff’s office in Oregon." What we found...

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Our Work with Patty Mayo

You’ve all probably all seen a new crew running around at the park. As you remember from the last town hall, we voted to invite Patty Mayo from YouTube as a test run to help us with some of the suspicious activity in the park. Last month, I deputized Corporal Mayo and...

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Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

We recently completed some training over at Douglas County Sheriff's Office. We are super thankful to Douglas County Sheriff's Office and Command Staff for giving us the opportunity to look over their shoulder and see how they handle some of the major processes in...

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Who’s in Jail

As you all know, Dutch Berry has traditionally been pretty much crime-free for nearly 2 centuries. That doesn’t mean that occasionally someone needs to “sleep it off” in a jail cell. It’s probably redundant to post here who’s in jail but we’ll try our best to keep this area up to date. 

Public Records Lookup

Follow THIS LINK to search for someone who might be spending the night in a jail cell tonight.

Patty Mayo's Arrests

If you know of someone that was arrested by Patty Mayo and his crew, you’ll need to check with Putnam County Sheriff. Sorry We can’t offer more information; it’s a jusrisdiction thing.

Dutch Berry County

Maybe some of the younger generations here don’t know this but even though Dutch Berry is just a small town out and away from everything else, we are also our own county. It’s basically the result of having so much farm land, hills and forests surrounding the town. 

Dutch Berry County Jail

Although we have our own Sheriff’s Office, our jail is not equipped for holding some of the outside offenders that are being arrested by Patty Mayo and his crew. Hence the need for booking them over at Putnam.


We will be voting in September on whether we want to allocate some funds to renovating and technologically updating our jail cells. You’ll hear more about this in September. We might still go with the popular sentiment to just turn it into a museum instead!

Getting Involved

See something.
Say something.

The best way to help us is reporting anything suspicious. 

Special Training

We hold regular town hall meetings so anyone interested in receiving training through our office can let their voice be heard there. It goes without saying that other residents will want to know how money is spent. Depending on who you are, someone may even want to sponsor your training. So come to the meetings and we’ll discuss it there publically.

CPR and First Aid

Please check with Simon and Eva Nieboer about CPR and First Aid training. Both of them have the exact dates when the next courses are offered in Dutch Berry.