Why Security Cameras Are Still Very Important

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Security cameras act as a strong deterrent against potential burglars and intruders. The mere presence of visible cameras can make criminals think twice before targeting your home.

Warn Uninvited Guests Instantly!

By installing security cameras, you can significantly increase the overall security and safety of your property. This gives you and your family peace of mind, knowing that you have taken steps to protect your home.

Security cameras help you monitor and track any suspicious activity in and around your home. This allows you to respond quickly and take necessary actions to prevent any potential threats.

Here at the Dutch Berry Sheriff’s Department, we believe in our citizens taking advantage of their 2nd Amendment rights and buy a gun (or a dozen!) for home defense. Just be sure to use it and practice shooting it as often as possible so the when the day comes when you “need” it in your home, it won’t be the first time you use it.

This (above) is a nice example of a Fireproof Gun Safe for Rifles and Pistols for the Home. Remember to keep your guns locked up, though, when they’re not in use.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are unsure about how to handle certain types of firearms. We are here to help and will gladly train anyone on proper firearm safety. Both Pastor Dave and Deacon Dan are excellent marksmen as well so feel free to hit them up with gun questions on Sunday at church too 😉

Why Security Cameras Are Still Very Important

In the unfortunate event of a break-in or other criminal activity, security cameras provide vital evidence to aid law enforcement in their investigations.

The footage captured can help us identify the perpetrators and increase the chances of recovering stolen belongings. And also, in the event that you end up having to use a firearm, the footage will a good opportunity to review your reaction as well as improve how you might respond in another similar situation.

Security cameras complement your existing home security system by providing an additional layer of protection. They can be integrated with alarms and motion sensors to create a comprehensive surveillance system.

We highly recommend Arlo’s Home Security System and 24/7 Professional Monitoring service. We will be posting a future article discussing this in more detail.

Another reason why security cameras are important is if you have household workers or service providers, security cameras can help you monitor their activity and behavior. This ensures that they are performing their duties properly and gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is in safe hands.

When you’re not at home, security cameras allow you to keep an eye on your children or elderly family members. You can remotely monitor their well-being and ensure they are safe.

Installing security cameras provides an extra level of security for your family and loved ones. You can rest assured knowing that you have taken proactive measures to protect your home and those you care about.

Dutch Berry’s Midwife, Eva Nieboer, also highly recommends the Arlo as baby monitor.

Many security cameras have mobile app integrations that send instant alerts and notifications to your smartphone or other devices in case of any unusual activity. This allows you to respond promptly even when you’re away from home.

Security cameras enable you to monitor and control access to your property. You can see who is at your front door before granting entry or create virtual boundaries for certain areas within your home.

The ability to see what’s happening at home when you’re away provides a sense of control and peace of mind. Security cameras allow you to monitor your property and loved ones, making sure they are safe and secure.

Security cameras are not limited to monitoring indoor areas. They can also be used to keep an eye on your home’s exterior, assisting you in identifying any maintenance or repair needs.

While Mark Rober’s way of fighting back is entertaining, it is a lot more time consuming. But just for your information, we have only had one Dutch Berry porch pirate case in the last 20 years. We caught the thief and got the package returned in the same afternoon!

Package theft is a growing concern. With security cameras, you can monitor the delivery process, ensuring that your packages are secure and deterring potential thieves.

Vandalism and property damage can be a problem for homeowners. Security cameras act as a deterrent, reducing the likelihood of such incidents and helping to identify culprits if they do occur.

Security cameras can help you resolve disputes or conflicts with neighbors or other parties. Having visual evidence of an event or incident can bring clarity and help avoid misunderstandings.

If you live in an area with wildlife or frequently encounter stray animals, security cameras allow you to monitor their presence around your premises. This helps in taking necessary precautions and avoiding any potential conflicts.

If you’re dealing with wildlife, this GardePro Trail Camera / Game-Camera might be a good option too because it blends in well with the environment.

Pets are an important part of our families. Security cameras help you keep an eye on your pets and their activities when you’re not around. This allows you to ensure their safety and well-being.

When you’re on vacation or away for an extended period, security cameras let you remotely monitor your home. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can check in on your property at any given time.

With security cameras, you can keep track of visitors and their activities around your property. This provides an additional layer of security and helps in keeping unwanted individuals away.

If you have a pool or yard, security cameras can help you monitor and ensure their safety. You can detect any potential accidents or unauthorized access, taking necessary action to prevent harm.

Having a camera pointed at the pool (like this Pool Party Basketball Hoop above) or yard will help you keep track of any foul play and even let you replay an even if there is ever a dispute about a score. You never know with kids these days!

Security cameras can be useful for recording important events or gatherings. Whether it’s a family celebration or a memorable moment, having footage to look back on can be cherished for years to come.

Along with monitoring potential criminal activity, security cameras can also help you identify and monitor potential hazards such as fires, leaks, or accidents. This enables you to take immediate action and mitigate potential risks.

By installing security cameras, you may qualify for reduced insurance premiums. Many insurance companies offer discounts for homes equipped with surveillance systems, as they are seen as lower-risk properties.

Installing security cameras can increase the resale value of your home. Potential buyers often see the presence of security features as a valuable asset and may be willing to pay a premium for a property with a comprehensive surveillance system.

In a broader sense, why security cameras are important is that they can contribute to increasing the overall security and livability of your neighborhood. By implementing a community-wide security camera system, you and your neighbors can collectively enhance the safety of your environment.

Remember to familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding the use of security cameras to ensure compliance and respect for privacy.

When in doubt, contact us and we’ll find the right answers together.


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I read online that Patty Mayo is not a real Sherrif and that he just pretends but I thought that you would get put in jail for pretending to be a cop/sheriff.

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Who’s in Jail

As you all know, Dutch Berry has traditionally been pretty much crime-free for nearly 2 centuries. That doesn’t mean that occasionally someone needs to “sleep it off” in a jail cell. It’s probably redundant to post here who’s in jail but we’ll try our best to keep this area up to date. 

Public Records Lookup

Follow THIS LINK to search for someone who might be spending the night in a jail cell tonight.

Patty Mayo's Arrests

If you know of someone that was arrested by Patty Mayo and his crew, you’ll need to check with Putnam County Sheriff. Sorry We can’t offer more information; it’s a jusrisdiction thing.

Dutch Berry County

Maybe some of the younger generations here don’t know this but even though Dutch Berry is just a small town out and away from everything else, we are also our own county. It’s basically the result of having so much farm land, hills and forests surrounding the town. 

Dutch Berry County Jail

Although we have our own Sheriff’s Office, our jail is not equipped for holding some of the outside offenders that are being arrested by Patty Mayo and his crew. Hence the need for booking them over at Putnam.


We will be voting in September on whether we want to allocate some funds to renovating and technologically updating our jail cells. You’ll hear more about this in September. We might still go with the popular sentiment to just turn it into a museum instead!

Getting Involved

See something.
Say something.

The best way to help us is reporting anything suspicious. 

Special Training

We hold regular town hall meetings so anyone interested in receiving training through our office can let their voice be heard there. It goes without saying that other residents will want to know how money is spent. Depending on who you are, someone may even want to sponsor your training. So come to the meetings and we’ll discuss it there publically.

CPR and First Aid

Please check with Simon and Eva Nieboer about CPR and First Aid training. Both of them have the exact dates when the next courses are offered in Dutch Berry.